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What Our Customers are Saying

"I am extremely happy with this product. I have tried many different coffee beans over the years, but this one is unbelievable! I just love it. I am truly letting you know that your coffee is Superior! "

Lori S.
Fairview Park, Ohio


Gourmet Coffee Blends

In order to help you make your coffee selection, the chart below has a brief description of our various gourmet coffee blends. In order to see the full description and order information, click on the coffee name.

Also, visit our Coffee Selection Chart for additional help in making your coffee selection.

Coffee Blends
Brief Description
Awesome Blend Lightly smoky, toasty and sweet.
Flying Bean Gold Famous for its smooth and creamy taste.
Flying Bean Satin Smooth, bright taste.
Breakfast Blend Rich and aromatic...a delightful way to ease into the morning.
Bahama Blend The flavor of the islands...exotic, aromatic cup.
Connoisseur's Blend Light and dark raosted with slightly smoky overtones and medium boy.
Dark Gourmet Houseblend Extremely rich, smooth, and well balanced.
Dark Jungle Java Exotic, full-bodied flavor, spicy and rich.
Dark Noel Blend
Winey taste, full flavor, and aromatic blend.
Flying Bean Private Reserve A full bodied blend with a touch of sweetness on the nose before a well rounded profile. Very special.
French Roast An especially light, bittersweet flavor with unmistakable burnt undertones.
Gourmet Houseblend Well balanced and crisp flavor. Rich and memorable aroma.
Half the caffeine, unique blend.
Italian Roast Distinctive and flavorful.
Jakonamon Blend
Kona Fancy blends well with Jamaican Blue Mountain.
Jungle Java Full yet mild, a satisfying light roast blend.
Kona Beach Blend
50% pure Kona Fancy blended with Central American coffees.
Kona Blend
Smooth and well balanced blend of pure Kona and South American coffees...a true treasure.
La Casa
Mild and enjoyable - Pleasing all day flavor.
Major Buzz Rich and hearty, this blend of African and Central American beans is a definite winner.
Master Blend Bold and syrupy blend with medium body and light aftertaste.
Milleni-Yum! Eclectic mix of light and dark roasted beans with noes of cinnamon, smokiness and caramel.
Mistletoe Madness Tangy Mocha and spicy Java create a smooth, almost chocolatey cup.
Mocha Java Tangy Mocha and spicy Java create a smooth, almost chocolatey cup.
Mountain Blend Deep, rich flavor with a hearty aroma.
Noel Blend Dark and light roast coupled with a rich, earthy African coffee, aromatic and festive.
Oregon Blend Aromatic and slightly sweet, a flavorful blend.
Paradise Blend A captivating blend of light and dark roast Central and South American coffees. The flavor draws you into paradise with its balanced flavor, full and satisfying.
Powerhouse Blend Explosive, excellent flavor.
Rainy Day Blend
Boasts a remarkable full flavor, smooth and rich but not heavy.
Rise & Shine Blend
Start your morning with a bright, lively cup of lightly roasted Central and South American coffees. Enjoy the full flavor and generous dose of caffeine!
Sumatran Viennese
Powerful spicy and syrupy flavor, light and dark roasted.
Turkish Blend
Dark, exotic taste...a superb Turkish brew.
Viennese Blend Highly aromatic, rich in taste and smoky sweet overtones
Wilson River Blend Rich and spicy blend of light and medium roasted coffees
Winter Velvet Blend Light smoky notes warp around your tonque and make it tingle with undercurrents of spiciness.



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