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What Our Customers are Saying

"I am extremely happy with this product. I have tried many different coffee beans over the years, but this one is unbelievable! I just love it. I am truly letting you know that your coffee is Superior! "

Lori S.
Fairview Park, Ohio


Flavored Coffee

All of our flavored coffees are created using natural and artificial flavorings similar to the ones used for cooking. We do not add any additional sugar and each flavored coffee has no carbs and no calories.

Click on the name of each for more information and to order.

Almond Nut Creme Coffee Swirls of rich almond flavor in a creamy base, intensely nutty and flavorful.
Almond Nut Creme Decaf Coffee
Almond Vanilla Creme Coffee Predominant vanilla notes are lightly accented with nutty Amaretto.
Almond Vanilla Creme Decaf Coffee
Amaretto Coffee Classic almond liqueur flavor highlights this grand coffee.
Amaretto Decaf Coffee
Apricot Creme Coffee Fresh apricots and rich, thick cream makes an enjoyable cup.
Apricot Creme Decaf Coffee
Banana Nut Creme Coffee Tropical banana with nutty overtones...sensational flavor.
Banana Nut Creme Decaf Coffee
Banana Split Coffee A decadent blend of chocolate, strawberries, vanilla and bananas...truly a dessert coffee, enjoyable anytime.
Banana Split Decaf Coffee
Banana Split SWP Decaf Coffee
Bananas & Creme Coffee Delicate notes of ripe banana, reminiscent of homemade banana milkshakes.
Bananas & Creme Decaf Coffee
Bavarian Mint Coffee Chocolatey swirls in creme de menthe with light minty overtones, refreshing and smooth.
Bavarian Mint Decaf Coffee
Blueberry Cobbler Coffee This dessert coffee pairs the taste of field-ripe blueberries with homemade cobbler, a generational favorite.
Blueberry Cobbler Decaf Coffee
Blueberry Coffee Coffee The luscious taste of fresh blueberries.
Blueberry Coffee Decaf Coffee
Blueberry Creme Coffee Aromatic, fresh blueberries and cream...great hot or iced!
Blueberry Creme Decaf Coffee
Brandied Peaches Coffee A holiday dessert, sweet peaches accented with notes of warmed brandy.
Brandied Peaches Decaf Coffee
Brandy Coffee The heavy, intoxicating flavor of brandy warmed in a snifter, rich and mellow without the alcohol.
Brandy Decaf Coffee
Brandy Alexander Coffee Deliciously rich blend of kahlua and brandy, punctuated with chocolatey undertones.
Brandy Alexander Decaf Coffee
Brandy Chocolate Cherry Coffee A great dessert coffee, patterned after a warm cherry cordial, scandalously rich.
Brandy Chocolate Cherry Decaf Coffee
Butter Pecan Coffee Buttery pecans are mixed right into this popular flavored coffee. Lusciously rich!
Butter Pecan Decaf Coffee
Butter Rum Coffee Predominanatly rich and buttery with hints of nuts and enticing rum undertones.
Butter Rum Decaf Coffee
Butterscotch Almond Mocha Coffee Sweet butterscotch scattered with notes of almond and dipped in rich chocolate.
Butterscotch Almond Mocha Decaf Coffee
Butterscotch Mocha Coffee Rich and pleasing butterscotch, enhanced with sweet, mellow chocolate.
Butterscotch Mocha Decaf Coffee
Butterscotch Toffee Coffee Delicious blend of butterscotch and crunchy toffee...scrumptious!
Butterscotch Toffee Decaf Coffee
Cappuccino Coffee Indulge in the flavor of an Italian cappuccino anytime.
Cappuccino Decaf Coffee
Caramel Candy Crunch Coffee A sweet candy bar in your cup.
Caramel Candy Crunch Decaf Coffee
Caramel Coffee The wonderful taste of sweet caramel in a coffee.
Caramel Coffee Decaf
Caramel Crunch Coffee Rich homemade caramel and crunchy nut flavor make this coffee a delectable dessert.
Caramel Crunch Decaf Coffee
Caramel Fudge Coffee Irresistible and pleasing combination of rich caramel and indulgent hot fudge.
Caramel Fudge Decaf Coffee
Caramel Pecan Coffee A captivating blend of buttery caramel and nuts, with a hint of chocolate.
Caramel Pecan Decaf Coffee
Carrot Cake Coffee The delicious flavor of layered carrot cake topped with melt-in-your mouth cream cheese icing followed by a hint of cinnamon.
Carrot Cake Decaf Coffee
Chocolate Coffee Terrific chocolate fudge aroma, amazingly true chocolate taste, silky and rich.
Chocolate Decaf Coffee
Chocolate Almond Coffee Perfect blend of rich chocolate and almond flavor creates this delicious coffee.
Chocolate Almond Decaf
Chocolate Almond Mousse Coffee A custard-like French vanilla enhanced with Bavarian chocolate and a hint of amaretto makes a rich dessert coffee.
Chocolate Almond Mousse Decaf Coffee
Chocolate Banana Coffee True flavor of fresh, ripe banana dipped in hot fudge, irresistible and fun.
Chocolate Banana Decaf Coffee
Chocolate Banana SWP Decaf Coffee
Chocolate Brandy Coffee A winning combination of warm brandy and rich chocolate, soothing and delicious.
Chocolate Brandy Decaf Coffee
Chocolate Cherry Coffee Sumptuous chocolate and mouthwatering cherries make a tempting dessert coffee.
Chocolate Cherry Decaf Coffee
Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee Decedent chocolate and crunchy hazelnuts are the perfect combination!
Chocolate Hazelnut Decaf Coffee
Chocolate Irish Cream Coffee Sit by a crackling fire with a hot cup of coffee, enhanced with a dash of chocolate syrup and nuances of Irish Cream.
Chocolate Irish Cream Decaf Coffee
Chocolate Macadamia Cream Delicious and exotic macadamia nuts, irresistibly paired with chocolately goodness.
Chocolate Macadamia Cream Coffee
Chocolate Macaroon Coffee A snappy blend of chocolate and sweet coconut macaroons...delightful!
Chocolate Macaroon Decaf Coffee
Chocolate Mint Coffee Refreshing mint and chocolate...always a favorite!
Chocolate Mint Decaf Coffee
Chocolate Orange Coffee Chocolate and a crisp snap of orange...tantalizing!
Chocolate Orange Decaf Coffee
Chocolate Raspberry Coffee Fresh ripe raspberries are covered with creamy smooth chocolate.
Chocolate Raspberry Decaf Coffee
Chocolate Raspberry Deluxe Coffee Extra rich chocolate truffle and raspberry flavor will tempt your taste buds.
Chocolate Raspberry Deluxe Decaf Coffee
Chocolate Truffle Coffee A lover's delight combines milk chocolate and roasted nuts with rich caramel.
Chocolate Truffle Decaf Coffee
Cinnamon Coffee Cinnamon flavoring dusted with real cinnamon powder.
Cinnamon Decaf Coffee
Cinnamon Apple Crisp Coffee Imagine Grandma's warm, bubbly dessert hot from the oven and you'll know how good this coffee tastes!
Cinnamon Apple Crisp Decaf Coffee
Cinnamon Chocolate Coffee Spicy cinnamon mingles with the pleasing aroma of Ghirardelli Square.
Cinnamon Chocolate Decaf Coffee
Cinnamon Hazelnut Coffee Spicy cinnamon and Oregon Hazelnut flavor compliments our rich, smooth coffee.
Cinnamon Hazelnut Decaf Coffee
Cinnamon Hazelnut Praline Coffee Roasted hazelnuts and spicy cinnamon combine with buttery pecan in a rich dessert coffee.
Cinnamon Hazelnut Praline Decaf Coffee
Cinnamon Viennese Coffee Viennese coffee blend is accented with a hint of cinnamon?spicy and rich.
Cinnamon Viennese Decaf Coffee
Coconut Butter Creme Coffee Toasted coconut and rich butter cream?soothing and delicious.
Coconut Butter Creme Decaf Coffee
Coconut Kona Blend Coffee A pleasing combination of 50% pure Kona Fancy and mild South American coffees, flavored with rich coconut - pure indulgence!
Cookiedoodle Coffee This coffee is lovingly flavored with the taste of old fashioned snickerdoodle cookies sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.
Cookiedoodle Decaf Coffee
Cookies-N-Creme Coffee Decadent chocolate and sweet cream - delightfully rich.
Cookies-N-Creme Decaf Coffee
Cranberry Cream Coffee Delicate, tangy notes of cranberry add a subtle and pleasing element to this coffee.
Cranberry Cream Decaf Coffee
Cranberry Jubilee Coffee Tart cranberries with a hint of cinnamon and undertones of nutty goodness make a flavorful holiday treat.
Cranberry Jubilee Decaf Coffee
Cranberry Orange Pecan Coffee A wodnerful combination of piquant cranberries, zesty orange and Southern pecans.
Cranberry Orange Pecan Decaf Coffee
Egg Nog Coffee Enjoy the soothing, sweet taste of creamy egg nog -- a dash of nutmeg highlights.
Egg Nog Decaf Coffee
English Caramel Coffee The creamy, buttery flavor of homemade caramel candy makes a tasteful, smooth coffee.
English Caramel Decaf Coffee
Frangelico Coffee Rich coffee is embellished with the divine flavor of hazelnut liqueur.
Frangelico Decaf Coffee
French Roast Vanilla Coffee Creamy vanilla accents our signature French Roast coffee. The French Roast has an especially full-bodied, bittersweet flavor with the unmistakable burnt undertones that make it famous. The surface of the bean is characteristically shiny as the oils are brought to the surface by the dark roasting process.
French Roast Vanilla Decaf Coffee
French Vanilla Coffee Creamy french vanilla accents our medium roasted coffee.
French Vanilla Decaf Coffee
Gaelic Grogg Coffee A steaming mug of Scottish brandy with a dusting of cinnamon.
Gaelic Grogg Decaf Coffee
German Chocolate Coffee The compelling aroma and flavor of the sweet, moist cake with a hint of toasted coconut.
German Chocolate Decaf Coffee
German Chocolate Mint Coffee Dominant chocolate overtones, abounding in sensations of coconut, mint and hazelnuts.
German Chocolate Mint Decaf Coffee
Grasshopper Pie Coffee The elegance of this famous dessert is captured in a nutty cup of creamy mint flavor.
Grasshopper Pie Decaf Coffee
Hawaiian Hazelnut Coffee Buttery hazelnut and rich coconut flavor create a sensational coffee.
Hawaiian Hazelnut Decaf Coffee
Hawaiian Macadamia Coffee Sweet, exotic combination of macadamia nut, coconut and hints of tropical fruit.
Hawaiian Macadamia Decaf Coffee
Hazelnut Creme Coffee Buttery hazelnuts and rich cream...classic flavor.
Hazelnut Creme Decaf Coffee
Holiday Spiced Toddy Coffee Like an aromatic mulled win with citrus and spice notes, perfect with your holiday meal.
Holiday Spiced Toddy Decaf Coffee
Hot Buttered Rum Coffee A holiday indulgence, buttery and smooth with rum overtones and a hint of cinnamon.
Hot Buttered Rum Decaf Coffee
Huckleberry Creme Coffee Tangy Northwest huckleberries and rich cream flavor...great hot or iced!
Huckleberry Creme Decaf Coffee
Huckleberry Cream SWP Decaf Coffee
Irish Creme Coffee The minty, creamy essence of this vibrant Irish liqueur flavor is showcased in this popular coffee.
Irish Creme Decaf Coffee
Kahula Almond Coffee You'll savor this splendid blend of almonds and vanilla liqueur flavor.
Kahula Almond Decaf Coffee
Kahula Almond Fudge Coffee You'll savor this splendid blend of almonds, vanilla and rich chocolate liqueur flavor.
Kahula Almond Fudge Decaf Coffee
Kahula Fudge Coffee You'll savor this splendid blend of vanilla and rich chocolate liqueur flavor.
Kahula Fudge Decaf Coffee
Maple Walnut Coffee The wonderful taste of maple syrup combined with walnut. What an early morning treat with breakfast.
Maple Walnut Decaf Coffee
Mexican Liqueur Creme Coffee Soothing mingling of coffee, chocolate, and rum flavoring.
Mexican Liqueur Creme Decaf Coffee
Midnight Snack Coffee Santa's Treat - chocolate chip cookies, a favorite during the holidays with chocolate notes in a cookie dough base.
Midnight Snack Decaf Coffee
Orange Dreamcicle Coffee Creamy flavor with a hint of orange...very refreshing!
Orange Dreamcicle Decaf Coffee
Pecan Coffee A traditional Southern favorite with definite notes of pecan, adding a delicious element to your cup.
Pecan Decaf Coffee
Pecan Golden (Southern Pecan) Coffee A bit of the old South - sweet, buttery pecan pie with a hint of chocolate.
Pecan Golden Decaf (Southern Pecan) Coffee
Peppermint Coffee Coffee A traditional Peppermint flavored coffee.
Peppermint Decaf Coffee Coffee
Peppermint Twist Coffee The pert, minty taste of peppermint candy with a surprising twist of chocolate.
Peppermint Twist Decaf Coffee
Pina Colada Coffee Sweet, moist coconut adds a delicious element to the exotic taste of juicy pineapple.
Pina Colada Decaf Coffee
Praline Cream Coffee The sweet, nutty confection in a velvety base with a hint of brown sugar.
Praline Cream Decaf Coffee
Praline Nut Coffee Boasts a heavenly aroma with a hint of crunch caramel and strong overtones of nuts.
Praline Nut Decaf Coffee
Pumpkin Pecan Coffee Old fashioned pumpkin pie is accented with the flavor of toasted pecans...enjoy with a dollop of whipped cream!
Pumpkin Pecan Decaf Coffee
Pumpkin Spice Coffee Aromatic coffee, traditional pumpkin pie, cinnamon, and cloves...a family favorite..
Pumpkin Spice Decaf Coffee
Raspberry Creme Coffee
Summer raspberries and thick cream...delicious hot or iced!
Raspberry Cream Decaf Coffee
Rum Coffee Relaxing rum flavor is perfect for any occasion.
Rum Decaf Coffee
Spiced Butter Rum Coffee Smooth, buttery rum flavor and classic holiday spice give this coffee a rich, vibrant taste.
Spiced Butter Rum Decaf Coffee
Strawberry Colada Coffee A fun pairing of luscious strawberries and sweet, milky coconut.
Strawberry Colada Decaf Coffee
Strawberry Creme Coffee A fun pairing of luscious strawberries and sweet, milky coconut.
Strawberry Creme Decaf Coffee
Streusel Cake (Cinnamon) Coffee Rich coffee with a buttery essence and a hint of fruitiness.
Streusel Cake Decaf (Cinnamon) Coffee
Sugar Plum Rum Coffee All the delights of the season come together in a warm combination of rich rum with sweet and spicy cinnamon.
Sugar Plum Rum Decaf Coffee
Sweet Nuttins' Coffee Snuggle up to the buttery flavor of pecans, hazelnuts and classic vanilla.
Sweet Nuttins' Decaf Coffee
Tiramisu Coffee Patterned after the famous Italian dessert with hints of liquor flavor and French vanilla, translated "carry me up" for it's heavenly taste.
Tiramisu Decaf Coffee
Toasted Almond Cream Coffee Elegantly smooth and rich with a distinctly almond taste.
Toasted Almond Cream Decaf Coffee
Toasted Almond Fudge Coffee An irresistible blend of opulent cream, inviting almond and delectable fudge.
Toasted Almond Fudge Decaf Coffee
Vanilla Coffee Simple and traditional with a penetrating sweet aroma and a profile of pure vanilla bean flavor.
Vanilla Decaf Coffee
Vanilla Caramel Coffee Heady vanilla is a natural in combination with luscious caramel, resulting in a tasty cup.
Vanilla Caramel Decaf Coffee
Vanilla Coconut Coffee Arresting vanilla makes a rich pairing with sweet, milky coconut for a result that makes coffee a confection.
Vanilla Coconut Decaf Coffee
Vanilla Colada Coffee Enticing coconut takes the forefront with strong undercurrents of vanilla and kahlua and a lasting sweet finish.
Vanilla Colada Decaf Coffee
Vanilla Creme Brulee Coffee This traditional dessert is brought to life with the sweet, creamy flavors of rich custard, brown sugar and aromatic vanilla.
Vanilla Creme Brulee Decaf Coffee
Vanilla Mousse Coffee Chocolate heaven, a scandalously rich combination of chocolate and French vanilla.
Vanilla Mousse Decaf Coffee
Vanilla Nut Creme Coffee Perfect blend of nuts, thick cream and rich vanilla.
Vanilla Nut Creme Decaf Coffee
Welsh Spirit Coffee An evolving line of coffees, combining irresistible flavors with the warm, nutty taste of roasted malt grains. Unique and delicious! (alcohol-free)
White Chocolate Coffee Relax with smooth, creamy white chocolate and fagrant Costa Rican coffee.
White Chocolate Decaf Coffee
White Chocolate Hazelnut Coffee Smoth white chocolate and roasted hazelnuts are the perfect combination.
White Chocolate Hazelnut Decaf Coffee
White Chocolate Mint Coffee Creamy white chocolate and mint are harmony together!
White Chocolate Mint Coffee Decaf
White Chocolate Raspberry Coffee Creamy white chocolate and fresh, tart raspberries
White Chocolate Raspberry Decaf Coffee
White Chocolate Truffle Coffee Combines white chocolate with roasted nuts and rich caramel.
White Chocolate Truffle Decaf Coffee
White Russian Coffee An intoxicating combination with a pervasive kahlua flavor and the essence of vodka in a non-alcohoic coffee delight.
White Russian Decaf Coffee




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