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"I am extremely happy with this product. I have tried many different coffee beans over the years, but this one is unbelievable! I just love it. I am truly letting you know that your coffee is Superior! "

Lori S.
Fairview Park, Ohio


Basics of a Good Cup of Coffee

Brewing coffee is basically a process of flavoring water with roasted, ground coffee beans.

Use fresh, high quality coffee
Start with fresh, quality, whole bean, Arabica (known to possess superior flavor and aroma) coffee (which you can order at Coffee beans that are ground fresh are the secret to really great coffee. There is no substitute! You will be amazed at the added flavor and aroma you will experience from grinding your own coffee beans before each brew.

Grind your coffee just prior to brewing
We strongly recommend that you invest in an electric coffee grinder. Grind only as much whole bean coffee as you will need for immediate brewing purposes. Coffee begins to loose flavor and aroma within one hour after being ground. Match the grind to the specifications of the brewing method you will be using. For drip brewing, a grind similar to the consistency of granulated sugar will usually achieve a good result. If you do buy your coffee already ground, use the recommended storage location and containers in order to keep it as fresh as possible.

Good quality, fresh, cold water
Always use good quality, fresh, cold water. Brewed coffee is approximately 98% water, so good water quality is essential. If your water tastes unpleasant or heavily chlorinated, use bottled or filtered water. Never use softened water for brewing coffee as it will slow down the extraction/dilution process, resulting in the over extraction of your coffee.

The coffee brewer should produce a brew water temperature of 200 degrees F (+ or - 5 degrees). Boiling temperatures, continued heating, or reheating drives off flavor essences and breaks down other chemicals in the coffee, causing the flavor to deteriorate. Don't overheat the coffee or leave it on a warmer for a long period after brewing.

Too low a temperature = under extraction = weak coffee
Too high a temperature = scalded and/or bitter flavor characteristics

Containing brewed coffee
Continuous heating is the principle cause of flavor loss after brewing. After the coffee is brewed thermal containers are recommended as they are insulated and airtight preventing evaporation, and will retain the aromatic compounds of the coffee. In thermal containers the coffee is not subjected to continuous heating and, therefore, can be held for as long as 45 minutes before flavor characteristics will begin to change and dissipate. If your brewing equipment cannot brew directly into a thermal pot, immediately transfer the brewed coffee to a thermal container.

If coffee is held in uncovered, heated containers (a glass pot on a warming burner), it will lose its freshness after 20 to 30 minutes. Continuous heat will break apart the organic materials, and the coffee will develop a sour or bitter taste with smoky overtones. Heat will also evaporate the water, condensing and cooking the flavoring compounds that remain.



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