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What Our Customers are Saying

"I am extremely happy with this product. I have tried many different coffee beans over the years, but this one is unbelievable! I just love it. I am truly letting you know that your coffee is Superior! "

Lori S.
Fairview Park, Ohio


Certified Organic Coffee

Our organic certificate guarantees their beans have been harvested, processed, prepared, and shipped without the use of fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, or other potentially harmful chemicals. Their name guarantees each cup of certified organic cofee will meet your high standards of taste, flavor, and aroma.

What makes certified organic coffees so good? Three qualities contribute to the scuccess of our excellent organic coffee:

  • The hardness of the green coffee bean. A harder green coffee bean - found in higher elevations - holds up better in the roasting process.
  • Flavor. Our organic coffess must meet their high standards for flavor and aroma before they leave their roasting facility.
  • Visual Appearance of the coffee bean. Flying Bean selects only large, uniform beans that raost evenly.

We offers an excellent selection of organic coffees grown on a finca (farm) in southern Mexico. The cup is bright with good acidity, yet mellow.

These certified organic coffees are available in Swiss Water Process decaffeinated coffee. In addition, we offer an excellent selection of Kosher flavored organic coffees in regular and decaf.


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$2.50 - $4.50

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Customer Comments

Read what our customers are saying
Customer Comments

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